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#podcast 02: Coordinape

Interviews with world-class product leaders and founders in crypto to uncover actionable and tactical advice to help you build, launch, and grow your own crypto products.

👋🏾 Hey, Michael here! Welcome to another edition of Building Crypto, where we deep dive into different crypto products and explore how they use different product principles.

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Building Crypto with Zakku

Zakku is the co-founder of Coordinape. Coordinape is reimagining collaboration and helping teams build connections, ownership, and reputation in the digital economy. Prior to Coordinape, Zach worked as a consultant with a focus on sustainability. In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • How crypto enables new ways of organization, collaboration, reputation, and how we work

  • What gets built on-chain vs off-chain

  • The role of trust in building crypto products

  • User education in a product and during onboarding

  • Building a crypto product in a rapidly changing market

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Where to find Zakku:

Where to find michaelcjoseph:

In this episode, we cover:

(00:00) Zakku’s background

(02:26) Crypto for collaboration and reputation

(03:32) Target user and problem statement for Coordinape

(05:43) How the target user and problem statement has evolved

(11:07) What goes on-chain vs off-chain and how trust factors into it

(16:56) Scalability of trust

(19:08) Introducing new terminology in a product to users

(22:37) The value of offering guided walkthroughs for onboarding

(27:20) Progressive decentralization of Coordinape

(32:02) The future of Coordinape

(35:18) Building a crypto product with a quickly evolving market

(37:43) Closing thoughts and what Zakku is excited about

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Michael 👋🏾

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