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#podcast 01: Layer3

Interviews with world-class product leaders and founders in crypto to uncover actionable and tactical advice to help you build, launch, and grow your own crypto products.

👋🏾 Hey, Michael here! Welcome to another edition of Building Crypto, where we deep dive into different crypto products and explore how they use different product principles.

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Building Crypto with Yahya EA

Yahya EA is the head of product at Layer3. Layer3 is building the platform to help consumers onboard into crypto. In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • Problem statements, target users, and aha moments for Layer3

  • Big product changes, the motivations behind them, and measuring success

  • Doing things that don't scale and how to start scaling

  • Discord workflows for crypto products

  • Building for a growing crypto market

  • Building a product around the technical limitations of crypto

  • Progressive decentralization

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Where to find Yahya EA:

Where to find michaelcjoseph:

In this episode, we cover:

(00:00) Yahya’s background

(01:07) Layer3’s problem statement and target user

(04:24) Layer3’s aha moment for both the customer and consumer

(11:23) Doing things that don’t scale

(14:43) Layer3’s biggest product updates

(18:46) Motivations behind the big product updates

(22:06) KPIs and measuring success

(25:35) Managing Discord workflows for a team

(28:31) Handling a global crypto user base

(33:19) Building for both where the market is and where it’s headed to

(38:33) Building around the technical and UX limitations of crypto

(42:39) What is an on-chain future for Layer3?

(50:20) What we’re excited about for the future of crypto

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Michael 👋🏾

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