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#deepdive 07: Coordinape

Let's see how Coordinape onboards users onto its platform.

👋🏾 Hey, Michael here! Welcome to another edition of Building Crypto, where we deep dive into different crypto products and explore how they use different product principles.

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Coordinape is one of the leaders in DAO tooling, ushering in a new way of working. The deep dive below really explores how well Coordinape onboards new users, but there are a few recurring themes I want to share here:

  1. Introducing new terminology to users is challenging. It requires you to educate users while also requiring them to take action. It’s hard to do well, which is why, wherever possible, stick to established paradigms. This applies to both wording and copy.

  2. Until the user gets to the aha moment, always make it clear to them what they should do next. It’s safe to assume, that until that moment, the user doesn’t really know why they are there, and needs your guidance every step of the way.

  3. With all B2B/DAO tooling products, you always need to remember that there are different types of users - admins, employees, contractors, and more. Each one requires a slightly different onboarding and product experience.

Deep Dive

Below you’ll find annotated screenshots of most of the onboarding flow for Coordinape, with details on what’s working well and what could be improved.

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