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#deepdive 01: Rainbow Wallet

Let's see how Rainbow onboards users into its wallet


Rainbow is a beautifully designed mobile wallet that is friendly and inviting for crypto-natives and newbies alike.

What they do well:

  1. Clean user interfaces with clear, strong CTAs where applicable

  2. Easy to create a wallet and add ETH or other tokens to it.

What could be improved:

  1. The terminology used throughout the app varies in phrasing and complexity. For example, gas fees are referred to in a multitude of ways. And sometimes the wording is phrased for people new to crypto, and other times for more experienced crypto users, all within the same flow.

  2. What a user does after adding ETH. In some cases, there is no guidance on what to do and users are left to their own devices. In other screens, there’s an overwhelming and sometimes repetition of options and it’s unclear what to prioritize.

Deep Dive

Below you’ll find annotated screenshots of most of the app with details on what’s working well and what could be improved.

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