#roundup 02: Oct 28, 2022

What happened in building crypto this week?

Bringing attribution to crypto

@antoniogm announced the launch of Spindl, a crypto attribution company. Data is critical to making good decisions and Spindl aims to make user attribution data available in a decentralized way. The blog post highlights the first principles thinking that led to the formation of the company and the core problems that need to be solved.

Democratizing MEV

@divine_economy recaps a recent talk from @VitalikButerin on democratizing MEV by decentralizing block builders. He then shares his thoughts on what this could mean for the future of Ethereum and why he’s excited. It’s worth a read, even if you might not agree on all his takes.

NFT games

Building games is hard. Building games with NFTs is even harder. Not just technically, but from a user experience perspective as well. @WPeaster shares his thoughts on how to navigate these challenges.

Reimagining organizations in crypto

In this hour long podcast, @thattallguy from @seedclubhq and @bramanathan discuss everything related to web3 organizations in 2022, including how to structure DAOs, launching a token, exits, and more.

Taking tokens private

The @arcxmoney team shares their thinking behind taking their governance token private. This is the first time a token has gone from public to private and is a really fascinating milestone in building web3.

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