#roundup 01: Oct 21, 2022

What happened in building crypto this week?

For a first newsletter, this one has a lot packed into it. This week on building crypto:

  • Brian Flynn sparked some interesting discussion on retention and KPIs in crypto. Link.

  • One of the best non-financial use cases I’ve seen of a blockchain just launched in India. Link.

  • Magic Eden decided to make creator royalties optional, which led to some great debates, ideas, and analysis. Link.

    • Zhouxun Yin (Founder of Magic Eden) & Haseeb Qureshi (Dragonfly Capital) debate Li Jin (Variant Fund) & Laura Shin (Journalist). Link.

    • Beeple explores economic incentives in with NFT royalties. Link.

    • Stats breakdown of different types of exchanges and how often they are used. Link.

  • w1nt3r launched a guide on how to get better at Solidity development. Link.

  • Aptos, another L1 blockchain, launched its mainnet this week. Link.

    • It’s been touted as a Solana killer, but it has not been well received and has had its fair share of problems this week. Link. Link. Link.

  • A16Z launched a new crypto accelerator. Link.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your weekend and check back on Monday for a deep dive on the Rainbow wallet!

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